Casey Hahn and his two children will only have a birthday officially every four years.

What are the astronomical odds of this? In a story from Fox News 4, Hahn was born on Feb. 29, which isn't all that strange; many people are born on leap year.

However, four years ago he and his wife welcomed a baby boy who was delivered on c-section when mom started going into labor on February 29. That alone is pretty impressive since it only comes around every four years and dad was already celebrating a birthday.

But then on Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, it happened again. The family welcomed a baby girl named Wells. She was delivered via c-section as well on her natural due date of February 29.

Despite the astronomical odds, Hahn insists it's just coincidence.

He went on to talk about some of the challenges of having a birthday on leap year. Facebook doesn't recognize it every year and some computer systems don't have a February 29, which can make it interesting for keeping records.

Well, at least Hahn can advise his two children on how to handle being born on a leap year.