A new study is out showing which areas of the country are the strongest and weakest as far as credit scores and credit stress. Texas didn't fare so well.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, eight percent of Americans are experiencing credit stress, which translates to that percentage of us being behind on our payments more than 60 days. Four percent are struggling with payments being made right at 60 days, while one percent are in decline (paying before the end of 60 days).

Only six percent are improving and making our payments on time, claims the report.

As a state, Texas is below the national average. We rank at 12 percent in credit stress, or payments delinquent past 60 days. We tied the nation with four percent struggling to make our payments in a 60-day period, with two percent of us improving. We beat the national average, with seven percent of us paying on time.

There was only one state which fared worse than Texas in the credit stress category.   Can you guess which one?

Narrowing it down to Lubbock County, the report reveals a 15 percent "weak" metric and a 72 "good credit" percentage.

Do you need credit counseling? If so, there are free agencies available online and in our area to help.