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What homebuyers in Texas are searching for is changing at least compared to just a few years ago when homebuyers were wanting to purchase large homes with large home offices that they could work from.

Now that the COVID pandemic is largely over and people are going back to the office, the demand for large offices is heading down according to the Houston Chronicle. And with it costing more to borrow money for a home these days, the thrill of a big new home has waned with buyers looking for deals.

According to the Houston Chronicle, just 5% of Texas homeowners are now prioritizing at home offices, gyms, and larger square footage. During the pandemic, found that nearly half of home buyers said they had converted a small space into a home office.

“I haven’t really seen any buyers say, ‘Oh, I don’t need a home office anymore because the pandemic is over,’” Luong said. “But I guess naturally, when buyers are trying to look for homes that are less expensive and smaller, they’re just not going to have those amenities.”

Scott Carnes, a real estate agent with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate in Dallas, said he has seen less of an interest in home offices than during the height of the pandemic, as well as less interest in unique views and large swaths of land.

People aren’t moving as often to places as far away as Sherman just for more space, either, Carnes said.

Trends change, and what people are looking for will always change, but the good news is that eventually, the bigger homes with offices and space, they will be back in style.

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