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If you play video games and you live in Texas, it's almost guaranteed that you have rage quit, possibly more than once from a video game. And if you've ever thrown a gaming controller in anger at a video game, well you might be one the reasons why Texas leads in rage quitting gamers according to a new study.

According to KAMC, Datslots looked at Google searches for gaming controllers by X-Box, Playstation, and Nintendo in each state to determine how many people were searching for controllers because they had broken them while rage quitting.

Texas placed first in the number of people searching for terms related to the controllers, gaming and rage quitting. As KAMC reports, it's pretty easy for gamers to get fed up and rage quit when they are so immersed into a video game.

“It’s so easy to become immersed with a game and obsessed with winning, and when that doesn’t go to plan it can be incredibly frustrating,” a spokesperson for Datslots said. “Plenty of people rage quit from time to time, and there are lots of different ways to do so, from immediately switching the console off, to throwing a controller in anger. This data shows that some states are considerably more in need of newer controllers than others, indicating where the nation’s rage quit capitals might be.”

The top searches in Texas according to KAMC were ‘PS5 controller’, ‘PS4 controller’, and ‘Xbox controller’. Those search terms were looked up by tens of thousands of people in Texas.

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