For homeowners, it doesn't get much scarier than this. A couple in Wimberley, Texas watched in horror as a door on their home burst open, letting in thousands of gallons of water.

In the video uploaded May 26, homeowners Ernie and Sarah Perez watch in shock as the glass door of their vacation home is knocked off its frame by the force of flood water.

During the harrowing two-and-a-half-minute clip, you can hear Sarah Perez gasp and shout "oh no" as the water breaks down the door. Following 30 seconds of stunned silence, she simply says "oh no" again.

The source of the surge was the Blanco River, which flooded following heavy rains in the area.

The Perez family was eventually rescued.

In a recent message on the YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 660,000 times, Sarah Perez addressed negative people and thanked supporters:

Thank you to everyone who has been kind and left words of encouragement and sympathy. I'm just happy that my family and I are alive and safe. We continue to pray for those who were less fortunate than us in this terrible flood. Some of the jokes on here are funny and I'm definitely a girl who can take a joke. I love a good laugh!
However, there is a line. So to those of you who choose to be negative, disrespectful, or just mean, I hope and pray you nor any of your loved ones ever have to go through such a terrifying experience. I hope you find happiness in your life that doesn't include hurting others with words or physical action.

Again, thanks to those who have been nothing but supportive. It's wonderful to see how many good people there are out there. If you have the means, there are many families who still need help in Wimberley, TX. They lost everything.

According to reports, at least 35 people have died as a result of recent severe weather in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, with several more reported missing.

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