"American Sniper" hero Chris Kyle's widow will the guest speaker for "A Tribute To An American Hero," presented by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and Trinity Christian School.

What an amazing opportunity to hear Taya Kyle's story while also raising money for Trinity Christian School and the Chris Kyle Foundation. The event is April 17 at the City Bank Coliseum here in Lubbock. There's dinner and  a program that starts at 5 p.m.

Taya Kyle has been speaking all around the country since the death of her husband in 2013. Here's a statement she made that is found on the foundation website.

Chris's spirit and support of those who serve our country is contagious. Although his life was taken, Chris's spirit seems to have grown. The ripple effect of generosity inspired by Chris, even in death, is amazing. As I hope you will read in "About The Frog," this brand was intensely personal to Chris and is to me. ChrisKyleFrog represents the majority of Americans who do not want our values buried in political correctness. We stand strong in God, Country, and Family.

Tickets go on sale February 20. General admission: $36. US Veterans: $18. Active Military, First Responders, Police, Fire, and EMS are FREE with current ID.

For more information visit Trinity Christian School's website or call 806-791-6583.