On Tuesday, we talked about some major retailers who were opening their stores on Thanksgiving night. Now, it seems like some employees are trying to fight against the decision.


A Target employee in Omaha, Nebraska started a online petition that asks the retailer to not open their stores at midnight Thanksgiving night. Instead, the petition asks Target to open at 5 AM on Black Friday. To date, the petition have received almost 100,000 signatures all over the U.S.

It's a nice try, and 100,000 signatures is pretty impressive, but it probably won't work. For one thing, their request for Target to open at 5 AM would be totally unreasonable for the retailer. Everyone else is opening their doors at midnight or earlier, Target's just trying to follow suit. I can't imagine them opening their doors at such a (relatively) late time just to suit their employees better.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel for the employees who have to work Thanksgiving night, and I still think it's ridiculous for the stores to be open just because some folks want to go shopping earlier than everyone else. I'm just saying this petition probably won't get very far. If Target takes any kind of action to change their opening time, I will be very surprised.

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