The Coronavius Pandemic Changed Our Spending Habits
We're now more than a year into the coronavirus pandemic. As I mentioned in a previous article, over the next few weeks we will take a look back on how the pandemic has changed lives and the way we live.
One way life has changed for many is how they spend their money...
Texans Are Paying Down Credit Card Debt
It may be hard to believe, but during the middle of a pandemic, Texans are actually paying down their credit card debt.
According to a study from WalletHub, it's not just Texans that are paying down credit card debt during the coronavirus pandemic...
Texas Has The 9th Highest Need For Loans Due To COVID-19
On Wednesday, August 19th, personal-financial website, WalletHub, released an update to the study for States Where People Need Loans the Most Due to Coronavirus.
According to the study, more interest in getting a loan is an indicator that people are struggling to make ends meet...
Big Changes Coming to Texas Lottery’s Mega Millions
Get ready to spend more for those Mega Millions lotto tickets.
The Texas Lottery announced changes to the game that went into effect on Saturday.
From the Texas Lottery:
"Starting jackpots for the multi-state game will more than double from the current $15 million to $40 million and the ticket…

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