Minimum Wage

Do You Support A $15 Minimum Wage? [POLL]
President Joe Biden wants to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour. Biden is attempting to get the measure passed as part of a broader stimulus package that could be voted on by the House soon. While some workers would see an increase in their take home pay, it would also cost millions of jobs according to the Congressional Budget Office...
Congressman Arrington Talks Minimum Wage Increase and Budgeting
"We have more jobs than we have people to fill them because of free market policies, where we put more freedom in the marketplace, less government tax, less government regulation, and now wages are growing faster than they have in over a decade and the fastest growth and the biggest gains are on the lower end of the income spectrum. So workers are benefiting from the tax cuts and deregulation, and all that more mandates and government interventions are going to do is increase unemployment," Arrington said.

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