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Conan O'Brien
This whole week, Conan O'Brien uprooted his entire 'Conan' show from Los Angeles and moved it (temporarily) to Dallas, Texas. Can you even imagine the exceedingly Texas-y things O'Brien will do there? Think of the bulls, the beer, the BBQ, the ... law enforcement?
Leno's FInal Show
Thursday's edition of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" capped Leno's 22 years hosting the show as he bid farewell to his audience.
Ron Burgundy
It'll be at least a month before Ron Burgundy graces our lives with the long-awaited sequel 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,' but 'Conan' watchers needn't wait so long. The mustachioed one himself took over the show Wednesday night to preview his new book, give thoughts on ugly babies and spearhead the reelection campaign for infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford!
Conan O’Brien’s Obscure Super Bowl Odds [VIDEO]
The Super Bowl is the year's biggest game to bet on. Gamblers will bet on anything and everything they can to make money during the big game. Watch Conan O'Brien's obscure Super Bowl odds after the jump, and see what crazy bets your should take.