Texas blues musician, Stephen Shaw, better known as Elvis T. Busboy, competed on today's edition of Jeopardy! seen all over the United States, and locally on KCBD 11.

During the contestant introduction portion of the episode, host Alex Trebek mentioned the Elvis T. Busboy part of Shaw's persona and then said "You have a great voice". Shaw quipped, "I'm here for Johnny's job," Johnny being long-time Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert. That drew a chuckle from the audience and Trebek playfully warned Gilbert, "Johnny, be careful. Watch out."

When the game started, Shaw got out to a quick start by answering the first clue.  It was in the category of Gambling for $200: "If you're betting on red or black, or odd or even, you're playing this game".  Shaw correctly asked, 'What is roulette?"

He also picked up early answers in the Musical Artist and 7-Letter Word categories. Including answering the clue: "This word can precede balloon, bureau and vane". Shaw correctly asked, "What is weather?"

Later on in the Jeopardy! round, Shaw selected one of the Daily Double clues. It was in the category of People for $800. At the time Shaw had $4,000 and he wagered $1,000.  The clue was, "Once second in line to the British throne, today he's fourth". Shaw guessed, "Who is Prince Charles?", but that was incorrect. The correct answered ended up being Charles' brother, Andrew.

At the start of the Double Jeopardy! round Stephen Shaw was in second place, down $3,000 to David Gard, who was the Returning Champion.

The Double Jeopardy! round was not kind to Shaw and he found himself in last place going into Final Jeopardy! with $4,800. David Gard was in first with $22,400 and the other player, Annie Lyon had $5,400.

The category for Final Jeopardy! was: Current American Companies. The clue: "This Kansas City based consumer product company is also a term goldsmiths use to denote quality".

None of the players answered Final Jeopardy! correctly.  The answer was, "What is Hallmark?". David Gard won the game by only losing $7,600; finishing with a total of $14,800. Shaw finished in second place as he wagered $4,700, finishing with $100. Annie Lyon finished in last place with $1.

Shaw received a second place consolation prize of $2,000 and Lyon received $1,000.

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