On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, state representative John Frullo joined Chad and Rex at Good Brews Coffee and Tea Lounge to discuss human trafficking in the state of Texas.

Frullo is a member of the Committee for the Study of Human Trafficking, which gathers information about the crime and how to prevent it. Furllo said that human trafficking is the fastest growing and second-largest crimes out there, and that a lot of it passes right through Texas.

"Texas is kind of the hot bed for what is happening in human trafficking. About 20% of all human trafficking at some point goes through Texas."

Frullo said that most of human trafficking involves prostitution, and a large portion of the victims are prepubescent children.  He said human trafficking is growing so quickly because of the money involved, as well as the fact that the crime is hard to prosecute against. He said he hopes the committee will have a plan together to better combat against human trafficking by next year's legislative section.

If you would like to get involved in the measures to stop human trafficking, call John Frullo at 806-763-2366.