In Texas, gas prices have fallen more than twelve cents over the past month. The statewide average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is currently $2.65. Last week, that average was four cents more at $2.69. The national average price remains much higher, at $2.85.

Lubbock drivers are seeing an even lower average price at $2.61, with some stations offering gas at just $2.49. AAA Texas predicts the decline in price to halt as the July 4th holiday nears and over 2.9 million Texans begin to hit the road to celebrate Independence Day.

While gas prices are trending downward in many parts of the south and southeastern region of the U.S., prices are 49 to 70 cents more expensive compared to this time last year.Domestic and global demand for crude from the U.S. remains high as OPEC works to increase the amount it supplies around the world.

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