On the Saturday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Dr. Kalev Sepp from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California, talked with guest host Matt Crow about the history and current state of drone warfare.

Drone aircrafts can be traced back as far as the first and second World Wars. Sepp explained that the U.S. have been using drones since the mid-1980s in various military campaigns such as Operation Desert Storm and the war in Iraq. Today, Sepp said, the U.S. has over 7,500 different drones in use, and their use has become a sort of "new normal" in today's military.

Sepp also explained that the risk of collateral damage with using drones is very low, as the drones and their pilots are trained to only hit the targets they have been assigned. However, he also pointed out there are some ethical issues with the use of drones, such as the fact that the drone pilot is completely invulnerable to attack and that some say drones make killing enemies almost "too easy." He also brought up the possibility of "lone wolf" terrorist groups getting their hands on drone technology, but added that this is always a common worry when it comes to weapons and military technology.

Dr. Sepp is an expert on military special operations, and has serve as an instructor at West Point, and at the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Ops.

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