Cleavage can be distracting, but is it dangerous and prevent you from flying? For one woman, the answer was almost "yes". According to CBS:

Avital was boarding a 6 a.m. Southwest Airlines flight on June 5 from Las Vegas to New York, wearing a cotton black dress, flannel shirt and scarf.

Avital claims she was politely chatting with an airline worker – who then told her cleavage was inappropriate and that she wouldn’t be able to board the flight unless she buttoned up her flannel shirt.

“I was stunned more than anything,” Avital told CBSNewYork. “We had been chatting about the experience of being up and awake at 4:30 a.m., and then her tone changed quite suddenly. It wasn’t until I walked away from the check-in counter that her words made an impact. Then I got indignant and self-conscious.”

Avital declined to cover up and boarded the plane  – cleavage and all. The flight and Avital apparently made it to New York without incident.

“[I didn't] think there was anything that special about the outfit I was wearing. It had topped 115 degrees in Las Vegas when I was there, and most people were scantily dressed just to stay cool. I hadn’t even considered that it would have been a big deal,” Avital said.

Come on Southwest, give me a break. There are worse things than too much cleavage. For instance, too much bad perfume, people who smell, drunks, loud kids, and oh yeah... terrorists. I'll still fly Southwest and I won't mind the cleavage.