What's going on?

Local Hurricane Relief Efforts
Several local and regional organizations are leading efforts to provide relief to the thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding that has devastated the Texas coast.
Wagner Park Shooting Victim Dies
The Lubbock Police Department has released the name of the person who was fatally shot during an altercation at Wagner Park Monday night (July 10).
Wanted: Dameon Marmelejo
The Lubbock Police Department has issued a video asking for the public to be on the lookout for Dameon Marmelejo, who is wanted for attacking his ex-girlfriend.
Motel Shooting Arrest
Lubbock police have apprehended a suspect who allegedly opened fire on a group of people at Villa Town Motel, injuring seven.
Hit-and-Run in Lubbock
A driver struck a pedestrian late Friday night (March 24) in Lubbock, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.
Fatal Car Crash in Lubbock
An intoxicated driver crashed into a woman's vehicle early Sunday morning (March 12) in Lubbock, killing her, said police.

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