Most everyone knows you can't shoot off fireworks in the Lubbock city limits. But that doesn't stop folks from going out, buying them up in bulk, and shooting them off anyway.

But with wildfires running...well, wild recently, the Lubbock County Commissioners might very well ban fireworks all together this year. The commissioners are set to vote on June 13th on whether or not to ban certain kinds of fireworks such as missiles and stick rockets, or to just simply ban them all. This would also mean no 4th of July fireworks display in Mackenzie Park, either.

Let me ask something: we have a burn ban in place in the City of Lubbock already. Why in the world aren't fireworks included in it? They have just as much capacity of starting wildfires, if not more, than any other kind of flaming object. I say, if you're gonna have a burn ban, why not ban the fireworks too.

I'm not knocking fireworks, by the way. I know everybody loves watching fireworks, or setting them off. I love fireworks too. (well, I love watching them, not so much shooting them off.) I just don't see why fireworks get special consideration just cause people love making them explode.

Anyway, it's just a thought.

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