If you're like me, sometimes breakfast becomes an afterthought. But with September being National Breakfast Month, it's time to make it a priority.

Brenda Duby with the United Supermarket families encourages us to take time for breakfast -- and that doesn't mean grabbing a soda and a doughnut.

Protein is the first key ingredient in the equation, and that can be a challenge at breakfast. But simply add milk and you have a big dose of protein. You can also add nuts, healthy nut butters or greek yogurt.

If you like the 'breadier' breakfast foods, opt for oatmeal, whole grain English muffins or waffles, quinoa or healthy granola.

And lastly, don't skip the fruit. Add it to your cereal, oatmeal or waffles with greek yogurt for a great breakfast that will fuel you and your children's tank.

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The United Supermarket Family is making healthy shopping easier by helping you build a better basket. Find out more at United Supermarkets’ official website.


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