On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Senator John Cornyn spoke with Chad Hasty about Attorney General Eric Holder and the President's State of the Union address.

Yesterday, both Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz grilled Eric Holder over the IRS and other federal organizations harassing conservative and tea party groups. Cornyn said that while he didn't get anything concrete out of Holder, and that he has very little confidence in the attorney general, he did get Holder to admit that criminal charges for those involved was not out of the question. Cornyn said the investigation is still ongoing in both the House and the Senate, and promises that they will get to the real truth behind the harassment.

"What we'd like to have [from this investigation] is some accountability. This didn't just happen; The idea was that this is some rouge agents in a Cincinnati field office, and we've learned that that's not true. This reminds me, like so many other stories we've heard from Benghazi to Fast and Furious, that the initial talking points...proved not to reflect the reality. And it's clear that the President and his allies are trying to silence voices on the right in an effort to try to salvage this election in November."

Cornyn added that he been advocating for Holder to resign, but feels that President Obama won't let Holder go any time soon.

Cornyn also shared his thoughts on Obama's State of the Union address, saying that it was mostly a repeat of all the false promises he made last time. He said it is apparent that Obama's biggest worry is the November 2014 elections and Republicans gaining control over both the House and Senate. Cornyn added that, in order to do that, Republican have to not only show off the mistakes the Democrats have made, but also proved that the Republcian way is better for the nation.

Cornyn also spoke about immigration, saying that the status quo was unacceptable, but he is skeptical that any action will be taken before the November elections.

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