Sadly there are a lot of situations these days where our police officers have to make split decisions of life or death. Sometimes those decisions have unfortunate and tragic consequences. The San Antonio Sheriff's Department may have something that can help.

Too many times I've seen videos and reports of the police being called to deal with a person who is acting poorly. The police almost never know the mental or physical state of these people, they just know they're there to protect the public from any potential danger. This has had tragic consequences where the police have had to make a fatal decision and we find out after the fact that the person in question was mentally or physically challenged in some way. Well the San Antonio Sheriff's Department just released these really smart stickers for people's homes that give authorities info on the possible conditions that await them when entering someone's home, or having them pulled over in a vehicle.

This set of stickers is available for the home or a vehicle and give insight to any officers who may come in contact with the subjects. If there is a potential medical situation they need to know about, or some other info to assist the police in making the best decision they can, these stickers will offer a warning for the officers first. Check them out below. I think these are an ingenious idea that should be rolled out nationwide.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office
Bexar County Sheriff's Office

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