An arrest warrant for former Texas Tech football player Robert James Castaneda revealed that the athlete admitted to stealing guns during a burglary along with two teammates.

The 20-year-old Castaneda was confronted by Lubbock police officers May 3 about the burglary, which occurred during 2015 Christmas break (Dec. 20, 2015 - Jan. 9, 2016). The warrant revealed that Castaneda admitted he was the culprit, and provided police with the jersey numbers of two other Texas Tech football players who had helped him. Those players were Trace Ellison and Dakota Allen.

All three were released from the Texas Tech football team for not upholding student athlete standards.

The police report from the burglary listed the following items stolen, along with their value:

  • Smith & Wesson 5-shot revolver ($600)
  • AR-15 rifle ($2,500)
  • M1 ($3,500)
  • Lever-action rifle ($600)
  • Bolt-action rifle ($1,350)
  • 12-gauge shotgun ($1,800)
  • Classic sporter shotgun ($3,700)
  • Brinks gun safe ($1,300)
  • Digital camera ($2,300)
  • 40-inch flatscreen TV worth ($500)

Lubbock police were alerted in March to a lead when one of the burglary victims revealed that he had found one of his stolen weapons at a local business. Police confronted the business owner at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center during an April 23 gun show. The man told police he purchased five guns from Castaneda for $1,400, but didn't know they were stolen.

Castaneda turned himself in Friday, May 27. He was released from the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond. According to Everything Lubbock, neither Trace Ellison or Dakota Allen have been arrested.