Don't be overconfident; it looks better out there, but it's not. The good news is, I think it will rapidly improve and give you a chance to get out tonight.

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My route today at 5:30 a.m. took me from the Intersection of the North Loop & I-27, back to the South Loop, a quick stop on University, then back on the loop to Quaker and 82nd.

First off, the Interstate and Loop are very deceptive. They look clear, but they are slippery and there's still chunks of ice on spots.

I attempted to take these roads at about 3/4 speed (40-45 mph) and it was clear that I needed to back off a bit. Taking the off ramp to University was an eye opener. It was nearly a total ice rink.

At the stop light, I fishtailed more than I did the past three days. After some gas, I was back on the Loop. But once again, the access road was very slippery. The Loop was once again deceptive and the off ramp to Quaker was very icy. Quaker itself looked like it had been barely touched from where I was at and 82nd St. still has some serious snow pack. (Seriously, 82nd St. isn't a priority?)

The good news is that we should be above freezing today, and with the traffic back on the streets a lot of these problems will go away. Add a little sunshine so that you should be good to celebrate your New Year's Eve.

Just take it slow, be careful, keep a distance away from the other guy and, if you're having cocktails tonight, take a designated driver.

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