Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Charles Perry discussed the development of water and transportation.

Regarding issues to be assessed and worked on by the state, Perry said that, for Texas, water will continue to be a major issue. He said, "We need to make sure the intended purpose [of Prop 6] is served. There's a lot of money being thrown around and we want to make sure it sticks and goes to developing water." He acknowledged that there is enough water, so the next process is continuing development.

In the Big Spring area, Perry noted there has been progress in working with sea bed water, consisting of 85% salt, to make it useable municipally. Although the process is not cheap, it may be worth the effort when assessing water needs. Perry also touched on the Texas-New Mexico lawsuit over the Rio Grande.

Perry is running for re-election against Steve Massengale for the Texas House District 83 seat. You can find more information about him from his website.

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