There are a lot of things in life that I feel passionate about. One is that I don't want a funeral and want to be cremated. Another is fireworks. So why not combine the two? Now you can.

Did you know that when you die you can actually have your cremated remains blown up in a glorious display of pyrotechnics?  A British company called Heavenly Stars Fireworks offers this service and I think it's amazing.

They can either work up a self-fired tribute or put together a professional display.

When it's my time to go, I don't want a traditional funeral or burial. Instead of the cash I would spend on a funeral and all the traditional blah blah blah, I will have friends and family use that money to throw a big party at which the end will be a gigantic fireworks display -- with "me" being the finale.

It seems better to do it this way and truly "go out with a bang" and bless my family and friends with something fun, different and heartwarming, instead of something so stoic and sad.

Everyone is different, so many will stick with the traditional plan of viewing, funeral and burial -- and that's fine. For some of us, though, we opt for the road less traveled. If that's how you roll, then this is just one of several options out there.