Just in time for April Fool's Day, Google today released a time-killing version of its online Google Maps. With just a push of an icon on the Google Map screen, you can now play the arcade classic PAC-MAN with the streets on your screen as the game track. Click Here for instructions. When you select a location in Google Maps, click the PAC-MAN icon in the lower left corner to play.

For example, here's the conversion of the main part of the Texas Tech campus (including Memorial Circle) to the PAC-MAN game.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I can tell you that playing PAC-MAN in Memorial Circle is tough. Not enough power pellets and way too much territory to cover.  Downtown Lubbock maps are easier to navigate through because the streets are in a grid.

In case you've never played PAC-MAN, here's the most pertinent part of the game:


  •  PAC-MAN avoids  the ghosts
  •  pac-dots score 10 points each
  •  PAC-MAN can eat power pellets to attack  the ghosts
  • Beware of flashing ghosts, which are about to change back to dangerous colors

Let us know in the comments what levels you've created for Google Maps PAC-MAN!

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