I got home today after the radio show and laying next to my front door was a bag. In that bag contained the 2017 edition of the phone book for Lubbock.

Like many of you, I haven't used a phone book since...honestly, I can't remember when I last used a phone book for its intended purpose.

There are apparently some people who still use the phone book, though. Those in rural areas with little access to the internet; those who can't afford a cell phone or internet; and the elderly, who don't use computers or just enjoy the simpler times of thumbing through the yellow and white pages.

The rest of us have no need for a phone book and really just consider it a nuisance. For us, there is a way of opting out of receiving the phone book. It's called yellowpagesoptout.com.

As I describe in the video above, after you go through a few steps, you are supposedly done getting the phone book forever.

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