We absolutely enjoyed the great pizza and ice cream experience at Pepe's.

Pepe's Pizza & Ice Cream, located at 3407 98th St #900, has been open for a few months. They've been ramping up for their grand opening. They just had their official ribbon cutting July 10th, and we had to see what it was all about.

A wings appetizer that flew off the charts with great flavor got our Pepe's Pizza meal started. The wings were accompanied by an awesome homemade ranch dressing, followed by incredible cheesy bread, which was unparalleled with amazing garlic butter, soft deep-crust and a heaping helping of cheesiness.

Then, when the pizza arrived at the table, it was a 'wow!' moment. That great big incredible cheesy pizza pie, fully loaded with all those quality ingredients, tasted fantastic. It also took an amazing picture (check the video above), which tells an inspiring story.

We had a great conversation with Pepe's Pizza owner Tim Murphy and met his wife, Dusty. This dynamic duo launched this made-from-scratch, family-owned and operated business. It's all about their unique recipes and passion for the food.

"I'm very thankful for the support Lubbock has provided....every single person that walks through the door, I work for them...service is first and foremost," Murphy told us. "I appreciate every single person, it means a lot to me....I treat each person as I want to be treated."

By some miracle, after all the delicious, wings, cheesy bread and pizza, there was room left to experience the ice cream. So many great flavors to choose from that I had to have a scoop of each...of two flavors. Talk about melt in your mouth creaminess. This was it!

Pepe's Pizza & Ice cream is named after Murphy's late father, who is pictured on all of their signs. "Now I get to see my Dad everyday, " Murphy said, referring to all the signs in the restaurant. "Every morning I get to say 'good morning.' I very much loved my dad...he'd be all kinds of proud (of the restaurant)."

We loved it all at Pepe's Pizza -- great family, and great food. They serve up delicious big food with big flavor. One more plus is that they deliver everything to you at work or at home, including the incredible ice cream. Now that's fantastic!


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