Pediatrician Doug Klepper joined Tom and Laura Tuesday morning to talk about the importance of immunization.

Immunizations have become a hot topic recently. A measles outbreak at Disneyland earlier this year has sparked growing concern over a movement not to immunize children against diseases. Some parents do not immunize their children, convinced the vaccines used lead to autism.

Klepper says:

That's a very common misconception that's centered around the MMR vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella vaccine), and that actually started many years ago. A gentleman in England had come up with a report in a very reputable medical journal that said there is an association with that. Ironically enough, this individual now is actually on a worldwide public speaking tour that actually says my science was flawed.

Klepper clarified that the idea that the MMR vaccine causes autism has been debunked.

According to Klepper, the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland was "related to probably somebody from Mexico" who spent the day in the park and caused around 183 measles cases as a result.

Around 85 percent of those cases were people who were not immunized, he said.

Listen to the entire interview with Doug Klepper in the YouTube video player above.

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