With this new year it is now legal to use marijuana for recreation in Colorado, and it seems that this, being quite a large cause for the left, will be expanded into other states.

Yet, at the same time, while the left advocates the legalization of a drug that is smoked they have gone on an all out assault on tobacco.

The claim public health and second hand smoke effects, even when the evidence says that the sheer amount of second hand tobacco smoke required to affect others its unrealistic to actually occur, and all those effects are from the additives to mass produced cigarettes, not hand-made ones or cigars.

I experimented with weed in high school, smoked cigarettes while I was in the service, and I socially smoke cigars today. I can say from experience that the mental effects of weed is far stronger than cigarettes and cigarette highs are much more potent than any affect obtained from a cigar.

If the concern is immediate impairment, then your biggest danger is weed, even though I have to admit, that argument is rather as poor as the second-hand smoke argument.

The best argument I have come across is that people have the right to choose what they place in their body, if that is burned tar from mass-produced cigarettes whose radioactive isotopes may cause lung cancer or hemp’s kissing cousin that will put you into a temporary stupor.

From that, the rest of the opposition to smoking whether it be cigarettes or weed comes from an elitism. A sense of “I don’t like something, so it should be illegal.”

It is that sense of elitism that allows people to feel they can support weed and be against cigarettes. Or to try and ban smoking in private businesses on a crusade to save people from their own private choices and the drive to ban e-cigs that emit nothing but water vapor.

“I don’t like something and I dont want to see it.” should never be justification for legislation. Why? lets just imagine if that “something” was something you love.

How about you enjoy your smoke free restaurants (they exists in the free market already) and me and my friends will enjoy our bar and our cigars.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.

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