Atheists never stop their attack on those of faith and trying to force all religion into practice in dark corners and hidden holes.

Even after the courts have found “Under God” in the pledge constitutional under the US constitution, now they are trying to use a trick utilized by the gay lobby and get it removed using the state constitution’s equality clauses.

The School under fire in the suit already has made the pledge voluntary.

But what strikes me is how no one seems to mention how its removal could been seen as discriminatory against those of faith just as much.

Atheists demand that children be brought up in secular, atheistic school environments and scream about discrimination, but I question their motives.

Especially when the parents suing are hiding their identities (they are listed as John and Jane Doe).

I remember when I was in high school, at first there was no time for prayer, eventually they gave a moment of silence, so that those of faith could have their moment of prayer, but the atheists still screamed about that.

They claimed that the moment of silence made their children feel inferior since they did not have a god to pray to at that time.

What about how inferior I felt when the atheistic kids would not honor the moment of silence, or how much more inferior I would have felt had I been told that I could not have a moment at all.

How about when I read a bible during lunch a teacher told me I would have to put a book cover on my bible or have to put it away, because the mere sight of it may offend someone.

How’s that for inferiority versus superiority.

Atheists, leave those of us of faith alone.

Our existence is not an imposition and you have already relegated us to inferior in the public system.

Let us have the little religious freedom we have left.

Atheists have a right to their beliefs, but those rights do not extend to persecuting those of faith to dark corners so Atheists don’t have to see those of faith happy in their faith.

And if Atheists see faith a such a silly superstition, why are they so threatened that they feel the need to attack faith wherever it even slightly exists.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.