Most have heard that the Obama administration has banned priests from giving sermons on military installations.

The instance reported today was of the closure of the chapel to Catholics at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

I served on this base, and I went to catholic services in that exact chapel.

I bring that up because of how ridiculous it is. The chapel is located immediately inside the first guard station right next to a McDonalds, the Federal Navy Credit Union Building and the Commissary.

All of which, I bet, are open.

The chapel is small, regularly unmanned, and when not being used for religion is used also for special events, as the religious symbols are easily removed.

In addition to the argument that it costs nothing to keep open, several times I assisted in setting up and tearing down special events at the chapel, not under order, but voluntarily.

There is absolutely no reason why the chapel would be closed other than the White House going out of its way to hurt the religious and trample on their liberties.

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