McDonald’s CEO has recently admitted that the restaurant has been losing customers and is struggling to keep itself relevant.

For years now those that support nanny state policies like the soda tax that New York’s former mayor attempted to enact have had an all out assault on fast food, blaming it for every ail of the country from obesity to diabetes.

These people that aren’t content with running their own lives and would rather dictate what the rest of us can put in our mouths completely abandon the placement of personal choice in lifestyle for a false premise of fast food being a sort of boogey man selling lethal and addictive drugs.

Never mind that studies have shown that Americans are much better at judging their calorie intake from fast food than judging their intake from the type of fancy restaurants the food fascists have no problem with.

It seems however, that their crusade on food options that cater to those who need to count their pennies carefully is working. Fast food patronship is down and now America’s biggest fast food company is slipping.

And if the first lady’s campaign is any proof, obesity is not down.

Demonization of an industry that provides value to its consumers obviously is no substitute for acknowledging the personal choices and personal responsibilities that all people have regarding their weight.

I’m not advocating the demonization of fat people, but we all need to identify that our weight is result of our choices, not a particular industry.

Everyone has the choice of what lifestyle they want to lead and what weight they are comfortable at, and the fascists need to leave everyone and industries alone.

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