November is National Diabetes Month and at United Supermarkets, they offer some really great services aimed at helping those with diabetes. Brenda Duby, Corporate Dietician for United Supermarkets joined me today to talk about just some of the different services they offer at United.

According to Duby, there are several programs available for those with diabetes. Every Tuesday you can go to any United and visit the pharmacy and get a free glucose screening. The Health and Wellness teams will also have shopping guides that point to things in the store to try.

Also available to those who would like to take advantage, tours! Dieticians inside Market Street will tour the store with shoppers and point out different foods to try.

Duby also said that many with diabetes aren't sure what they can have or that they have to stay away from certain foods and at Market Street they are there to "help clear up any confusion they may have".

Check out the whole interview above about the services United Supermarkets provides to those with diabetes.

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