Just in time for the holidays, there's a new video game console to get excited about. But does the Nintendo Wii U really live up to the hype?

Nintendo's newest console was released to the public this Sunday, and the initial reviews have been mostly positive. Many initial reviews are praising Nintendo for finally making the jump to high-definition graphics, something that the original Wii severely lacked in. Others are noting how ridiculously simple it is to set up and start playing right away.

But the Wii U's most notable feature is the actually the same feature that made the first Wii so popular:the controller. Instead of employing motion control, the Wii U features a tablet-style Gamepad controller that adds not only an extra screen, but an extra level of gameplay. And if you don't want to keep up with two screens, many of the Wii U games can also be played solely on the Gamepad. As expected of Nintendo, they've managed to create an entirely new gameplay experience.

That's probably the thing that gets me the most excited about the Wii U; the possibilities for game developers to really take this new controller concept and create a cool, unique experience for gamers. After all, the primary reason you buy a gaming system is for the games. But unfortunately, aside from the obligatory Mario game, there's really not any games out for the Wii U yet that pique my interest enough to buy it.

All the same though, I am anxious to try this new system, but not quite ready to part with my Wii quite yet. The Wii U sells for $299 for the 8 GB model, or $349 for the 32 GB model.

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