Who's ready for some scares? The fun thing about scares is you always laugh after you get scared. It makes for a hilarious emotional roller-coaster. It's pure fun and we do it pretty hardcore! That's what Nightmare on 19th Street is all about.

Now the reason I say "pretty" hardcore is we're not out to make people cry. Trust me, we could if we wanted to.

We want you to have the most fun ever. The actors don't intentionally touch anyone (in close quarters you can get brushed or bumped,  but that doesn't stop some of them from being really scary. How scary? Well, I can't tell you the percentage, but we have a LOT of people who only make it through the first of the haunted houses.

We offer up four haunted houses. The first is a concept you're probably most familiar with. It's Bloodmoon Manor, a house that reveals secret after secret until you're deep down in a meat locker.

From there you visit our second outdoor graveyard toward the mutant hillbillies and ghosts of the Old West in Skull-Lick Texas.

If you survive the gunslingers and chainsaw freaks, it's off to the Lost City. In the Lost City, you'll tour a few Egyptian Tombs before making your way to the remnants of a pirate ship. From there it's skeletons, cannibals and blood thirsty pirates. That's not the worst of it though, at the end of the attraction you head down to meet an ancient evil face to face.

Closing out the night you'll be given 3-D Chroma-Key glasses for "Twisted Tales." Your fairy Godmother will transport you through the dark side of fairy tales, through West Texas' only vortex tunnel to Wonderland, then back to more fairy tales, including three very mad little pigs.

Nightmare On 19th Street is open tonight (Friday, Sept. 26) and tomorrow night (Saturday, Sept. 27). The box office opens at 7:30 p.m. and the attractions open at dark.

Tickets may be purchased as late as 11:30 p.m. For more info, click here. It's a full night of entertainment for $25. It's recommended for children 12 and over or at parents discretion.