It's hard to beat a delicious, cool shaved iced during the West Texas spring (and especially the summer). It's a tradition and a delicious treat.

The only thing that could make things even sweeter is knowing that your purchase helps individuals with autism, down syndrome and other developmental or sensory issues gain employment:

Nick is the namesake of Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise. He is the reason it exists. Nick graduates this year and Nick’s ensures that he has a safe place to work. Six of his friends also work at Nick’s. All of our employees have a special need such as autism or Down syndrome and most of them would not have a job if not for Nick’s.

You never know which ones will be working but you can rest easy knowing that your support allows each one of them to have a real job paying real wages. We love seeing our employees become the productive members of the Lubbock community they could only dream of before.

Nick’s needs places to park this summer if it is going to survive as it transitions into a nonprofit company.

Contact Nick’s dad, Bruce, if interested in having us out this summer or on the few April Saturday’s that are still available. Either call us at 806-391-3911, email us at or message us. You will love our employees and you will enjoy our delicious shaved ice.

I highly recommend following Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise on Facebook to see where they will be next, and to follow their progress on becoming a non-profit, brick and mortar store.

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