Congressman Neugebauer says he believes the quarantines imposed on health care workers returning to the United States from Western African nations affected by the Ebola outbreak by the governors of New York and New Jersey are because of the inaction by the Obama administration and the Center of Disease Control in implementing quarantines.

"You see them [Governors Cuomo and Christie] reacting to the fact the administration did not react appropriately and quickly enough and a lot of people lost confidence in ability of the CDC and the administration to get the protocols out and whether or not they had the protocols right or not," he said. "So these governors are taking action. Our governor calling for updated screenings at Texas airports I think we are seeing reaction to  by the states to the inaction by the administration."

Neugebauer also responded to a caller's question about what Republicans are going to do about the problems Obamacare is causing for those trying to keep and maintain health insurance by stating that the President will have to answer for not keeping his promises. Neugebauer also stated that he has voted close to 40 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

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