A travel agency in Lubbock has announced the launch of a new video service.

National Travel Systems has partnered with Southern Africa Travel, to create a new company, which they say is the industry’s first launch of a consumer-driven website consisting of three-dimensional or high definition video content.

The new venture, www.3dafricansafaris.com, allows potential travelers to get a realistic look into a potential vacation in Africa.

“We will virtually transport you to Africa in 3D or HD and give you a very realistic look into the sights and sounds of your dream vacation,” said Kristi Wuensche, who is in charge of the Video Services division of National Travel.

Wuensche continued, saying “What you will see is exactly what we experienced in 3D; through our technology we can bring this African adventure to you in an entertaining and cutting-edge fashion.”

“With the tremendous growth of accessibility of SMART TVs and high resolution HD equipment in the consumer market, we felt this was an opportunity to launch our industry’s first 3D website for the traveling public,” said Richard A. Cooper, president of National Travel Systems.

Southern Africa Travel has years of in-depth knowledge of travel to southern and eastern Africa as well as the Indian Ocean islands.

National Travel Systems is headquartered in Lubbock.