This case of murder was solved by the murderer's stupidity. After murdering a man, Los Angeles-area gang member, Anthony Garcia tattooed his confession to his chest.

Garcia murdered John Juarez in 2004 in front a a liquor store. After the muder, Garcia celebrated by tattooing "Garcia Kills" to his chest. Had that been the only tattoo he had then he may have gotten away. However, Garcia also decided to have a detailed etching of the crime scene tattooed to his chest, including, the lights decorating the liquor store and the position the body was in after he was shot.

The cold case was solved in 2008 when, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide investigator, Kevin Lloyd noticed Garcia’s tattoo when he looked through a book of photos of local gang members. A verbal confession was eventually obtained from an undercover cop, and that resulted in a conviction.

This case just goes to support my feelings that tattoos are stupid. Some of my friends have gotten pretty stupid tattoos, but none of them were dumb enough to tattoo a confession to a crime on their body, as well as a portrait commemorating the scene. I always tell them, "You're going to regret that thing when you're 40." Turns out, Garcia didn't have to wait till he was 40 to regret his.

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