Following a tough challenge that saw judges deciding that there was no tattoo of the day, Lubbock tattoo artist Mike Diaz was singled out and eliminated on "Ink Master." 

The theme of the night was "dimensions," and challenged the artists to effectively use depth with a chiseled stonework look.

The results were...well, the judges said it all during the episode.

After the artists were dismissed so the judges could debate who to nominate for elimination, Diaz had an emotional moment with judge and "Ink Master" season 7 winner Anthony Michaels. Diaz talked about his family and not wanting to let them down. He agreed to get his head back into the game and work harder.

Unfortunately, that second chance wasn't in the cards. Diaz took to his Facebook page after the end of the episode to break his silence and talk about his experience. You can see that video above.

We have to applaud Diaz for representing Lubbock, Texas on "Ink Master" and making it so far. You can check out more of Mike Diaz's work on his Twitter and Instagram.

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