McDonald’s is one of those fast food places that everyone likes. Whether you’re an overall fan or you just love a single product like their fires, pies or soda, there's something for everyone.

There are also plenty of hacks or tricks that people like to share about McDonald’s. For example, people say you should ask for fries with no salt in order to get fresh fries. There are also plenty of people that claim they have a secret menu with a bunch of hidden items on it. Well, if you wanted proof to know if those tricks actually work, you've come to the right place.

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A TikToker named Ashton recently went viral for debunking these tricks as well as sharing some other information about McDonald’s. Over 1 million people have seen the video and it has over 272,000 likes after only 18 hours of being posted.

You can also tell it's legit because she appears to actively be at work with a drive-thru headset while making the TikTok.

Here are some of the things she shares:

  • You always ask for your fries to be made fresh
  • The secret menu doesn’t just seems that way because everything is customizable
  • Most of the time the ice cream machine isn’t broken... Either it is just being cleaned, it isn’t frozen, or they are too busy and understaffed
  • A cone is less expensive than a plain sundae, so just order a cone in a cup
  • The quarter-pound patties are fresh and cooked to order
  • You can ask for the cookies "fresh" for a warm option
  • Never ask for a refund on a messed-up order... Asking for a free meal card is a better value

For more examples and other tips not listed above, watch the full video:

I definitely wasn’t aware of some of these things, and I think it's really fun that this employee shared all this info on TikTok. Unfortunately, they were told that if they continued to post TikToks like that then they might get fired, so we won’t be getting any more juicy secrets.

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