McDonald's has just given us another reason not to eat at their restaurants: now we can make their "signature dish" in our own kitchens.

In what looks to be a shameless PR stunt, McDonald's has released a video where their "executive chef" (yes, apparently McDonald's has an executive chef) shows viewers how to make their own Big Macs at home, including how to make that "special sauce." And as it turns out, the sauce really isn't all that special after all.

The video shows executive chef Dan Coudreaut making a version of the Big Mac at home. "We have a question here from Christine," he begins, "What is in your special sauce?" To emphasize the folksy experience, Coudreaut strips off his white chef's coat and "has some fun cooking" in his regular shirt and jeans.

He cuts to the chase with that magic sauce. According to Coudreaut, it contains plain old mayo from the grocery store, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard, onion powder, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, and paprika.

Next, the chef chops some onion, shreds lettuce, and lays out some sliced pickles, which he emphasizes, once again, are store bought. He cuts a fat bun into three pieces and toasts them in a skillet, and presses out a perfect couple of beef patties with a cookie cutter.

You see these kind of ads a lot nowadays, where the big-name, faceless fast-food companies start "pulling back the curtain" on their operations all for the sake of transparency and honesty and all those good things we normally don't associate with fast food. And for some companies, like Domino's Pizza, that strategy has worked. But I don't think anyone is going to buy that a Big Mac could ever be good old-fashioned "home cooking."

Maybe in the next video, they'll show us how to make McDonald's fries at home. But something tell me I don't want to know the "secret recipe" for those...