Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope joined Dave and Matt to talk about stormwater, ERCOT, power and plumbing, the Buddy Holly Center, the homeless population, the 100 year water plan, and more.

Mayor Pope started the discussion with the city's future plans for stormwater. He explained that there was debt issued around stormwater projects back in 2001, and that the city has been working on them since. He went on to say that now that the debt is starting to pay down, that the city will be able to offer rate relief for taxpayers as soon as next year.

The Mayor also talked about infrastructure updates in Lubbock, such as water that has been pumped from Lake Alan Henry and will then be pumped to various areas in Lubbock and potholes. Pope explained that the city council will be meeting in February to talk about the subject of street maintenance, and that in March we will see them start to really work on the upkeep of the streets in Lubbock. The Mayor also spoke on white stripes being repainted around town, which he said is also being worked on. He expresses that if a citizen is concerned about a specific area, that they should call in the problem.

Another topic of discussion was continued work with ERCOT. Mayor Pope expressed that he is still sold on this plan, and that he thinks it will work out. "We feel comfortable, and there is certainly a supply forecast and a demand forecast, but we feel comfortable that by the time we join ERCOT in mid 2021, that we'll be in good shape," the mayor said.

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