Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Rose from Lubbock Power and Light joined the program to talk about the upcoming switchover to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) system.

Rose said,

Everything is going well, and right now, according to plan...This is obviously about six years in the making...Where this began as a project of approvals that we had to get down in Austin and kind of gearing up for it, through those approvals to the last eighteen months where we've been constructing all of these transmission lines, we're now at a place where all of these facilities have been built and are in the ground and are ready to be energized. We're doing kind of the last minute tweaks, and we're working on the schedule that we're going to work through on Memorial Day weekend. We had that set and approved by ERCOT and all the different regulators, but now it's just a matter of kind of tweaking it on the edges, and making sure, as we work through it that it goes as smoothly as possible.

You may find detailed information about when and how the switch will affect your home and/or business by clicking here.

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Rose in the player above. 

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