After a fight between employees broke out, the Tennessee man decided to get his camera out and start filming.

According to KXAN, Daniel "Tank" King told local TV station WKRN he was at a restaurant called China Wok waiting for his order when an argument broke out between kitchen employees.

As you can see in the video, the situation started to escalate and items were knocked off the counter. Finally, a female employee told the customers to leave because the store was closed. Several customers waiting in line left without ordering.

King had recorded the incident on this cell phone and later posted it to Facebook, where it quickly got over 130,000 views. Then, he found out the China Wok had banned him and family from the restaurant.

His son noticed the sign outside the store that read: "Tank King Family are banned from this location" because of "cyber bullying."

King wasn't too concerned, telling WKRN: "There's other Chinese restaurants, it'll be okay."

But this raises a few questions.

Was King doing the right thing by posting the video and exposing the public restaurant for their problems, or should he have minded his own business? Was this a legitimate case of "cyber-bullying"? And should the restaurant have banned him, or are they just acting childish? It's a unique situation for sure.