The newest location of Sugarbrowns Coffee at 67th & Indiana is right on the cusp of opening.

According to Sugarbrown's recent Facebook post:

The lights are up!
It’s happening you guys! We are getting so close to opening!

I also find this recent hiring post to be very suspect. They don't say they're specifically hiring for the new location, but my bat senses tell me they are training some folks up for the new store or to replace the downtown employees as they move to the new location:

We’re looking to hire at 2-3 hardworking & detailed coffee lovers who can work part-time!

I've loved Sugarbrowns since they were on 50th & Quaker, which has to have been over 15 years ago by my reckoning. It's always been a place with a calm, creative vibe, supplying coffee and tea lovers with thoughtfully crafted, delicious drinks.

Since I'm almost never downtown anymore, I don't get to frequent the current Sugarbrowns location. This move to 67th & Indiana is thrilling for me. That's just close enough to the radio station to keep me properly caffeinated. I never prefer driving through a chain when a local option is available, and to be quite honest, I find Sugarbrowns to be a superior product anyway. Also: $7 for a drink? Are you kidding me? Some major chains don't know when to quit.

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