The Moonlight Market lives again!

What was once just a Friday night farmers market alternative to Lubbock and Wolfforth's Saturday morning farmers market that accommodated those of us who prefer to sleep in is back, but with a witchy twist.

The Moonlight Market, as opposed to a regular farmers market, caters more to the spiritual and magical side of the Lubbock community. Filled with herbs, crystals and spellbinding art for sale from local artists, this event is held every other month before the full moon to provide provisions or kitschy gifts and souvenirs to the more artistically inclined or alternative Lubbockite who thrives on showing off their freaky flaws and all.

Sometimes called the Witch Market, this event started back in October 2021 as a collaboration between Sam Gaitan, owner of Raicodoll, and Mallory Chojnacki, owner of Foxling and Fae.

Chojnacki feels that the vibrant witchy community is under-represented in Lubbock, but that there's a craving that they can help fill. The plan for the new market, Gaitan said, is to have the market be a go-to spot for people who may need new ritual items, teas, handmade spells candles, soaps and more.

The theme of this June's Moonlight Market is Midsommar. That's right, like the 2019 horror movie and the Summer Solstice. This time around the market will have a lot more art-inspired work rather than provisions and will not have an art showcase that coincides with the theme.

The event is scheduled for June 18th, 2022 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the CASP live work studios (519 Avenue J) in North Lubbock near the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.

Courtesy: Moonlight Market
Courtesy: Moonlight Market

After going to all three Moonlight Market events I can without a doubt admit that I regret not buying a taxidermized bat and naming him Humphrey. Or the ghost terrariums to house the spirit of a long-gone pet from my past. Why, Mike the Fish, why?! Ghost pets can't live on that farm your parents sent it to forever, can they?

Now that the black cat is out of the cauldron, there are also many events that have coincided with the Moonlight Market, like secret underground concerts, other vendors selling their art in the CASP studios and even a random table with food that passersby will eat from but know to leave enough for everyone else to enjoy. Don't worry there is no double dipping in this COVID-filled world.

The Moonlight Market is bound to put a spell on anyone interested in finding the fang-tastic item to make their little slice of life spooky. More information can be found on Instagram and the event Facebook page.

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