Well, good morning to you. A lot of people are wondering about road conditions. I travel a fair amount of them each morning, and this is what it looked like Tuesday (Dec. 29) morning.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I live out by the airport and the juncture of I-27 and Loop 289. This means I cover almost all of the I-27 that runs through Lubbock and maybe a good third of the south Loop. Let's also consider that I'm generally first on the road, so I'm hitting powder and that gives you a little more traction.

First off, I-27 is fair at best. The roads have mostly been scraped, but it's also mostly one lane. Taking those off ramps and even making room for faster drivers are a bit scary with all the snow piled up. The Loop is in a similar shape, but I have to say taking that flyover from the Interstate to the Loop was like climbing the Alps. It was pretty sobering.

The real eye opener was when I hit Quaker Ave. between the Loop and 82nd St. The road is mostly impassible to cars. It looked like it had not been cleared at all as of 6 a.m. and was like driving on top of six to eight inches of ice with giant holes in it. If it was a ride at Disney, I'd make them go back and do it. It was not fun.

So, speeds on the Loop and Interstate will probably stay at between 20-25 (above that you can really feel the slipping). Other city streets and roads are VERY hazardous.

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