Alex Ross is a largely unsung hometown hero here in Lubbock, Texas. Which is as unfortunate as it is ridiculous.

I get it -- we tend to celebrate most loudly our musicians, which makes sense as the perhaps the most famous Lubbockite of all time is Buddy Holly. However, if your metric for fame or celebrity is how many people love and have seen your work, Alex Ross is an absolute superstar and deserves as many murals downtown.

Alex Ross is an iconic comic artist whose work has been all over DC and Marvel. He's basically drawn every character you love: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Poison Ivy, Aquaman, The Green Lantern, and on and on.

The highly-anticipated Justice League movie released its official poster at Comic-Con, and photographer Clay Enos confirmed that his inspiration for the shoot was to capture Alex Ross' signature statuesque style.

It's time we all started celebrating Alex Ross' achievements. To learn more about him, or anything comic related, be sure to head over and see my friends at Star Comics.



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