Last Friday, one of my Facebook friends had to save a puppy that was thrown out somewhere near the intersection of Loop 289 and I-27. It took several attempts, but at a risk to his own safety, he saved the puppy.

It would be great if this was just the story of a hero who saved a dog, but this kind of thing seems to be a little too common, so that's where we need to focus. I also think you should know that the original title of this article was, "Lubbock Puppy Dumpers Should Have to Make a Terrifying Run Across the Interstate Before Being Killed."

I understand the pecking order of life. I understand that man has dominion over animals. I eat a lot of delicious animals and have no problems with hunting either. I also believe that anyone who would dump an animal near traffic is a sociopathic a-hole and the world would be a better place without them.  The people who do things like this will treat other living things with the same amount of disrespect and are a drain on society. Rarely do you hear, "he was a great guy, but he liked to kill puppies." Yes, there are instances, but not many.

I would also go so far as to say that I know at times that the Lubbock Animal Shelter and other area rescues get full and there's no place to take unwanted animals. I still find that to be no excuse to treat animals so cruelly. If you have unwanted pets, work harder to find someone who can help.

We can also all work harder to make sure there are fewer unwanted pets by having them spayed and neutered as soon as they are old enough.

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